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Air Cylinder
An TS model shock absorber attached to an air cylinder allows the air cylinder to operate with the smooth operational consistency of a hydraulic cylinder.
Air Cylinder
Special TA series shock absorber installed on a trunion mounted, thru-rod, pneumatic cylinder, absorbs the energy created from this drive actuator, which controls the seal and cut operation on a vertical form, fill seal and packaging machine.
Pneumatic Automation and Pneumatic handline systems at the largest users of this kind of arrangements.
Heavy-duty shock absorbers serve as industry- approved safety stops and also cushion a vertical carriageís deceleration in an automatic storage/retrieval system for more accurate carriage positioning, decreased product spillage and increased system life.
Automotive transfer line
Automated assembly plants use TA large shock absorbers extensively to decelerate and protect shuttle/transfer line systems. This is especially beneficial in the robotic welding location.
Special non-adjustable shock absorbers are used to dampen the opening and closing of a mold used in a high-speed injection molding process.Supplied already to Godrej at Shirwal.Siedel at Chakan in Pune.
Co-ordinate measuring machine
Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
TA-14010 model shock absorbers decelerate horizontal movement of tower to protect delicate electronic device from damage. The models also decelerates total carriage movement during override conditions.Morever these also save costlier equipment of the systems from damed durring end cushioning.
Drilling equipment
Use of an TC Rate Controler on drilling equipment provides precise, consistent feed rate during drilling operations, including peck-drilling functions. These are popularly called as feed rate controllers.
Material Handling in Casting Industry
A shock absorber smoothly decelerates metal flasks traveling on a conveyor line, eliminating damage to flasks and decreasing foundry scrap caused by mold defects.
Glass Machines
Special glass shock absorbers have been designed to  provide energy absorption in high temperature, dirty,  high-cycle glass manufacturing environment. The  Glass Shocks have special fluids and seals to withstand  the hostile environment.These shock absorbers are  also used in the glass industry for automated  handeling.Sm
Machine tools
Machine Tools TA or TS shock absorbers installed on a vertical CNC tool changer allow rapid tool changing by controlling rotational motion, vibration and impact noise of the spindle. Many CNC manufacturers are incorporating the same in thier machines so as to improve thier productivity and reduecce cycle time.
Manufacturing rail cart
Manufacturing Facility-Rail Carts TA 36 shock absorbers offer smooth, steady resistance which prevents assembly carts from over-traveling endstops, while also prote
Overhead Crane Shock absorbers softly, yet quickly decelerate trolley movement and serve as safety stops when mounted at each end of an overhead crane bridge. They can be designed to meet various safetystandards.
Packging machinery
Packaging Machinery Standard TA controls rapid movement of a table transporting loaded packages to an automated case packer sealing station, for safe and precise machinery operation.
Pallet Stop An TA Model shock absorber, used inconjunction with a pallet stop, smoothly decelerates and precisely positions assembled parts as they move to various production stations on a motorized conveyorsystem.
Paper rolls
Paper Rolls Shock absorbers used in conjunctionwith stop arm mechanisms / air cylinders quickly decelerate large paper rolls moving through production on inclined planes, without damage or jolting. This increases operating speed and decreases machinerydamage and paper waste.
An TA Large shock absorber with help of Clevismountings assists in paper positioning and prevents equipment damage during printing press test runs (when the press is stopped frequently to confirm proper colors, focus and paper position).
Robotic assembly equipment
Robotic Assembly Equipment
Use of a TA36 on high-speed robotic assemblyequipment prevents potential equipment damage from slide mechanism overrun and increases maximum equipment operating speed.The actual sizing has to be claculated as per the applicatoin requirement.
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