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A recent increase in demand for automation in drilling has evolved in to new products. The actuation being mostly pneumatic the feed rate is controlled by Hydraulic feed rate controllers. The required thrust is generated by controlling the size of a orifice by adjusting a knob in about 300 degrees of rotation from minimum resistance to the maximum resistance offered. The adjustment is infinitely variable over the complete damping range and a fine tuning can be done with the help of graduations provided on the speed controller.
Drilling equipment with pneumatic feeds, screw feeds and are the potential applications of the Hydraulic speed controllers.

Generally the feed rates achieved are 12 - to 40 meters /minute .In special cases 0.015 to15 meters/min can be achieved by some special provisions and changes in the resistance mechanism. A return stroke is achieved by the virtue of a inbuilt spring and opening of a non return valve. adoniTech also offers reconditioning services to imported speed controllers. For food or glass industries these are available in stainless steels. If required threading is also provided on the outer body to suit positioning in threaded holes or fixtures. These Hydro speed regulators are available ex-stock at an affordable price.

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